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Starting as we mean to go on—otherwise known as the fine art of expectation management.

Experience suggests that our working relationship will be effective and fulfilling if we have a clear understanding—at the outset—of each other’s requirements regarding the finances or creative mandatories. If you would prefer different arrangements to those below, let's discuss your thoughts before I start work on your behalf.


I charge £500 a day—i.e.£65 an hour.

My fee is subject to 20% VAT if your business is based in the UK or if your business is located in an EU member state and you do not have a VAT registration number. (If you can give me a VAT registration number, including the two-letter country code, my invoice to you will be zero rated.)

For the first project, I request an initial deposit of £500. Subsequent invoices must be paid no later than 14 days from the invoice date.

What you get
The initial fee covers the preparation and submission of the first draft of copy and a second draft incorporating feedback on the first draft. Additional costs may apply if the changes to the first draft are of a fundamental nature, or if the scope of the brief broadens.

Terms of payment
First project: If my estimate/quote totals £500 or less, then the full amount is payable in advance. Where the estimate/quote exceeds £500, then a deposit of £500 must be paid prior to commencement of work. The balance of the cost will be invoiced on submission of the first draft of copy, for payment no later than 14 days from the date of invoice. Subsequent projects: The full amount of the estimate/quote will be invoiced on submission of the first draft of copy, for payment no later than 14 days from the date of invoice.

An estimate or a quote?
Estimate: I can’t always be sure at the start of a project exactly how much work is involved. In that circumstance, I’ll make an informed guess of the time it's going to take and provide an estimate of what the cost will be. The final cost may be higher, or indeed lower, than my estimate: it all depends on the amount of time I spend on your job.

Quote: When I provide a quotation, I’ll be working on a fixed-price basis. In other words, the quoted cost will be the price you’ll pay—providing the brief doesn’t change.

Is how I write it, the way you want it written?
I don't want to convey the wrong impression about your business or your brand. So if you have a tone of voice, a vocabulary or a style of writing that you want me to follow, please tell me. Otherwise, I’ll consider I have a free hand.

Limitations of use
Unless agreed otherwise, please do not use my copy for any other purpose other than the purpose intended. If for example, you commission me to write a website or a brochure, then my words can be used in one or the other, but not in both.

If you consider my first draft to be wide of the mark, please call me so we can discuss what to do next. In most instances, a conversation sorts out the issues. Should you decide to cancel our contract, ownership of the words—and the original concepts, ideas and propositions expressed within the text—stays with me.

The Financial and Fintech Copywriter
+44 (0) 1227 656027
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