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Active and passive voice: financial copywriting's most captivating double act.

In financial and fintech copywriting, less is more. Short and to the point is preferable to the alternative. And covering too much ground, using too many words, will do little to further your interests.


  1. Consider the reader's needs and interests first—yours are secondary
  2. Keep it concise, no superlatives, no adjectives and no superlative adjectives
  3. Use the active voice in preference to the passive voice

Mix the two
Copy which puts any kind of distance between you and your client is to be avoided. Blending the economy of the active voice with the warmer and more natural language of the passive voice, will help make your prose engaging and persuasive.

Why active is preferable to passive
Financial copy written in the active voice is clearer. It’s 'direct'. Sentences are shorter and more precise. (Active voice is mandatory for website content.) But active has to be used with care. Too much of it, and your prose feels impersonal, blunt and officious—signals that do little to build a rapport.

It's about looking at the big picture, relentless application and total objectivity
You know your subject inside out. You’ve kicked the tyres a thousand times, and looked under the bonnet more times than you can count. All that can be said and written, has been said and written. And anyway, an 'outside' writer probably wouldn’t get it. Period. End of story. Finito.

Not so.

Perhaps you're too close to it?
The way I approach writing financial copy guarantees—and I mean guarantees—that I’ll find something you’ve missed or you're underplaying. It might be a point you've failed to make, a different slant on a topic or a big, new and irresistible proposition.

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You want to communicate? I'll help you do that, in any way, shape or form you require—such as:

  • Ideas: I'll find the one you're looking for
  • Letters: Should you need a missive (short or long) that's going to move the needle, you know where I am
  • Emails: Short, sharp and to the point—is there an alternative?
  • Ads and ad campaigns: Yes, most definitely, but not TV
  • Websites: Content of course, but also planning, designing and building
  • SEO: Yes
  • Product literature: Of all types
  • Blogs: Yes, but not your average, bog-standard model; more your throughly reserached, carefully-considered and thought-provoking variety
  • White Papers: AKA articles, press releases and 'thought leadership' pieces
  • Digital media: Online comms, platform profiles and PPC programs