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Financial services copy—written with conviction—from one of the UK's most experienced financial copywriters.

Every word, chosen with care. Sentences short and to the point. Thoughts flow in a smooth and natural order; the tone is personable, the pace lively. Life’s realities acknowledged. Concerns addressed. Compliance accommodated. That’s how I write financial services copy.


I’m efficient: It's unimpeded progress from the word go—no learning curve, no wasted time, no wasted money

I’m perceptive: My fresh and creative propositions invigorate brands and services

I’m reliable: I keep my promises

Why financial services copywriting is the wallflower of copywriting
Unlike those who market the stuff we enjoy acquiring—clothing, holidays, alcohol etc.—the financial services marketer and copywriter has little in the way of creative leeway. Claims must be watertight. Superlatives and adjectives are to be avoided. An intriguing headline? A stunning image? No chance! Perhaps it’s those limitations (and others) which account for the prosaic nature of most financial copywriting. But not all financial copy comes in grey.

No creative strait jacket required
To identify what's going to motivate someone to buy your financial product, I need to look beyond the obvious.

So from a copywriting perspective...

  • I filter out the inconsequential—i.e., those words that nobody (ever) reads
  • Inconvenient realities are addressed. either directly or indirectly
  • 'Givens' purporting to be 'benefits, get the heave-ho

After all that—and much soul searching—what's left is the foundation on which I will create propositions that are entirely relevant to your customers and uniquely yours.

Telling people 'why' you do what you do, draws them in
Putting your why at the heart of your communication distances you from the rest. Your why is your raison d'être and the reason anyone sees value in your financial product. In sales (and financial services copywriting) the 'why' trumps the 'what ' and the 'how ' every time. As your financial copywriter, it's incumbent on me to identify and communicate your why.

I'll help you find your why
Financial copy leaves people cold when it's immaterial to their needs. Proof points, benefits and offers count for little if the fundamental proposition is judged to be irrelevant. That happens simply because someone forgot—or hadn't  realised—that to make an impression you have to spell out the 'why' that underpins your proposition.

Before I write, let's talk about...
The constraints and practicalities you face. What might be achievable and what definitely isn't. The things—large and small—you'd like to improve.

With that knowledge, you and I can create communication that is out of the ordinary.

Copy for financial intermediaries, brokers and networks

My financial advisory and service support clients include: Allenbridge, Atkins Bland, Calculus, Clifton Asset Management, Dennehy Weller, Giles Insurance Brokers, Helm Godfrey, Lowes, Mortgage Next, Openwork, Origen, Plan Invest, Punter Southall, Reyker and St James’s Place.

E&GI logo

Equity & GI
E&GI provide qualified financial advice over the telephone. I wrote the copy for the new website.

Financial copy for the finance and banking sectors

Most of my work for the finance and banking sector is website content. Sometimes it’s not just writing that’s required: I also meet with key people and help determine the scope of the site, the architecture and the navigation. If required, I’ll also make suggestions for imagery.

HSBC Bank logo

Interviewing various heads of departments and writing copy for the HSBC Global Banking & Markets website.

Copy for the fintech sector

My fintech clients' products automate pension scheme management, enable wealth managers to digitise information and digitalise processes, provide a platform for securitised lending and help people select and make tax-efficient investments.

JHC logo

JHC Systems
Brand and proposition development, marketing consultancy and copy for website, product marketing brochures, case histories and direct marketing campaigns.

Insurance—it is, what it is...

I’ve written direct marketing pieces for listed building insurance, private medical, vehicle recovery and warranty, dental treatment, GAP, domestic appliance, motor, key man, income protection and Directors and Officers insurances.

Admiral Insurance logo

Admiral Insurance
Direct mail campaigns.

Copy for the investment and wealth management sectors

Newton Investment Management was my first investment management client. I've since written for Fidelity, Baillie Gifford, Close Investments, Credit Suisse, Edge Group, New Star, Parmenion, TCF, Threadneedle and Vanguard.

Stellar Asset Management logo

Stellar Asset Management
Copy development for Stellar's ESP Growth brochure, the ESP Income brochure and the ESP AiM brochure.

Copy for companies based overseas

The financial copy I write for clients in the UK, I can write for you—wherever you are in the world. I can produce your website content, articles for annual reports, e-mails, sales letters and all forms of marketing collateral. In other words, whatever it is you need writing, I can write it.

Holborn Assets logo

Holborn Assets
Pension Transfer guide and press release.

Mortgages: from the plain vanilla to the seven-figure hybrid and everything in between

As well as mainstream mortgages, my stuff also sells mortgage-related products such as building and contents insurance, conveyancing services, finance for small and medium size businesses and of course, the ubiquitous savings account.

Saffron Building Society logo

Saffron Building Society
21 customer communication letters.

Pensions and Retirement Planning—I've covered a lot of ground in this area...

I’ve written in depth about IHT, annuities, equity release, trusts (of all flavours) SIPPs, SSASs, AVCs and FSAVCs. Auto enrolment? No problem. I also understand the relevance and merits of Business Tax Relief in relation to IHT planning and the ins and outs of the pension rules.

Close Brothers logo

Close Investments (now Close Brothers Asset Management)
Copy for a range of private investor guides.

The Financial and Fintech Copywriter
+44 (0) 1227 656027
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