The financial copywriter

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Writing by task

Writing a sales e-mail: Short and sharp and to the point — that's what it boils down to.

The big idea: May I give you something you're missing?

Words about website development (aka, a reality check): I'd like you to know that I can plan, write, design and build your website.

Home page copywriting package: It's your 'make or break' page: does it read that way?

Why branding matters to IFAs: Your brand is what you stand for, it helps set you apart from your VouchedFor competitors

A good letter (or email): Should you need one, you know where to come.
Other services:
  • Teacher: If you’d like me to come in and talk to your people about writing financial copy, I’d be delighted to do that.
  • Devil’s advocacy: Might a subjective overview of an already-written piece of text, a particular item or whole website prove useful or indeed illuminating? Just let me know and I’ll prepare that for you.
  • Nit picker: When it comes to syntax, punctuation and grammar I’ll make sure that everything is in good order and that all your t's and i's are correctly dressed.
  • Communicator: Seeking crystal clear and unambiguous English? Then I’m your man.
  • Copy audit: Got a raft of customer comms you want pulling together so they pull together better? Done it. Been there. Got the T shirt.