When you live with a product or a service every day, it’s difficult to change your perspective. You know your subject inside out. You’ve kicked the tyres a thousand times and look under the bonnet on a daily basis. All that can be said and written, has been said and written. And anyway, an 'outside' writer probably wouldn’t get it. End of story. Not so. The way I approach writing guarantees — guarantees — that I’ll find something you’ve missed. A new point to make, or a different slant or proposition. Words that will be relevant, on point and interesting.

“The road to hell is paved with adverbs.”

Stephen King

Focus, discipline, devil’s advocacy. Is your writing as persuasive as you are? Or does your prose fall short of the mark? I’m not referring to punctuation, grammar, composition or plain English: the issues I have in mind, are more fundamental than that.

For example:

  • Are you focussed entirely on the reader’s interests and needs?
  • Do you have the time, tenacity and patience to make all the points that need making?
  • Do you create clear and unequivocal propositions?
  • Do you leave out the words that are never read?
  • Are thoughts and benefits presented in the correct order?
  • Are you ruthlessly self critical?
I'll work at it. The written word is seldom as effective (in sales terms) as the spoken word: it would be naive to claim otherwise. But when so much of your communication is in the form of the unspoken word, doesn't it deserve your best shots? Otherwise you risk doing your product — and your brand — a disservice. My job is to take the 'slog' out of your written communication. I’ll assemble your words, thoughts and points in a way that you've not seen, or considered, before. That’s what I do, that you can’t.