Winterthur Life
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Give your SIPP clients more of what they’re looking for - CHOICE.

The Winterthur Life Trustee Investment Plan enables SIPP holders and occupational pension scheme trustees to invest in any of our thirty one Multi Manager funds.

The TIP of choice from the SIPP pioneers
And ‘Choice’ is the word. There doesn’t seem to be much point in offering your clients a TIP which has a very limited range of funds. After all, one of the main reasons why SIPPs are so popular with your clients is the scope of investment opportunities that SIPPs present. So what you’ll like about the Winterthur TIP is, among other things, the choice of funds on offer – thirty one in total and each a Multimanager fund.

Furthermore, your clients will have access to funds that are not widely available in other TIPs or as alternative products.

The TIP that works with you to get the balance right
Each of the external funds selected for inclusion in our TIP fulfils a pre-determined and specific role. Our grading and sifting procedures enable you to choose funds where the asset allocations and investment strategy align closely with each client’s views on risk and return. Once selected, funds are monitored continuously, not only for reasons of performance, but also to ensure that each fund remains faithful to its investment style and mandate. In other words, we also play a part in governance issues which leaves you more time to look at the ‘bigger picture’ on behalf of your clients.

The Fund choices

The Elite Fund of Funds range
Nine funds to choose from, each a fund of funds and each seeking to capitalise on the stock-picking skills of some of the UK’s most successful investment managers. Your clients can invest in equities, bonds and cash – or a mix of all three - and in the UK, European, North American and Global sectors.

The Tailored Selection
Your clients have a choice of 22 fund of funds, which cover all the world’s leading markets. In total, the Tailored Selection comprises more than 90 high quality individual funds sourced from thirty successful investment institutions. Funds are initially selected using research contributed by independent experts Forsyth Partners and our own investment panel’s views. Once chosen, each fund is monitored continuously for performance.

The service your clients are looking for

Switching: clients can switch in and out of funds as they choose for no charge

Transparency: you can agree a payment structure in advance with your client

Convenience: on-line fund valuations Flexible: ‘single’ contributions and regular contributions accepted and 100% allocation rates

Inexpensive: No bid-offer spreads and Annual Fund Management charges as low as 0.30% and no higher than 1.35%

Accessible: all the funds are open-ended