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  • A method with a track record that goes back to 1950
  • A method which knocks the returns from property and gold into a cocked hat
  • A method you can try for yourself — free of charge — for 30 days
  • In reality, very few investors make money accidentally

    To make money, serious money, usually involves a method of some sort: a disciplined, intelligent and consistent approach where you stay, completely focussed on your goal, knowing exactly where you going and how you’re going to get there. And that’s what I’d like to tell you about for the next few minutes: it's a brand new methodical and consistent way of profiting from low risk, high quality, ‘household name’ investments.

    ‘Dividend Edge’: our latest 14 pence-a-day-service for people who know little about the stock market but want to make a lot of money from it.

    An unusual promise…
    The service is called 'Dividend Edge'; rather than choosing investments on a wing and a prayer, you’ll be using a method that gives you an edge over the herd. But before going any further, let’s get something straight: Dividend Edge is about low risk investing for the long term so it’s not going to make you rich overnight. And that’s a promise.

    I’m the man behind the Edge
    My name’s Todd Wenning. I joined in XXXX as the lead analyst on the Fool’s highly-successful Motley Fool Pro newsletter. During the last two years of my tenure, Motley Fool Pro opened and closed 41 positions: of the 37 positions that closed at a profit, 34 had more than doubled in value. Quite simply, Dividend Edge has been launched to capitalise on my proven stock-picking skills.

    Let me spell out to you exactly what the Dividend Edge service is about.
    First of all, Dividend Edge has nothing to do with undervalued shares, penny shares, growth shares, emerging markets or highly speculative shares. Quite the opposite in fact. You’ll be investing in large, well established and profitable businesses, many of which you’ll know. Furthermore, there’s no effort required on your part. With this new systematic approach someone else does all the thinking for you. All you need is a few thousand pounds to get going and a broker to buy and sell shares on your behalf, and that’s it.

    What you need to grasp about dividends
    As you probably know, when you invest in a company not only do you own a piece of the business, you’re also entitled to a share of the profit, in the form of a dividend. What you may not have realised is just how vital dividends are in terms of investment success. It’s not widely known that the bulk — 99% in fact — of inflation-adjusted returns from investing in shares comes not from rising share prices but from the reinvestment of dividends. I’ve yet to meet an investor who’s not been bowled over by that 99% figure! So to choose investments without taking account of the huge contribution dividends make to the returns is to miss a very serious investment trick indeed...