Just Retirement
Sales letter
Dear IFA,

Q. How do you make your annuity-buying clients happy, grateful and forever yours?

A. By making them better off!

Any habit is hard to break – especially one that goes back years…
It’s not surprising that so many clients are inclined to buy their annuity from the insurance company they’ve saved with for decades or more. Because having made it to the finishing line, the idea of then having to shop around for the best annuity deal (and where do they start?) isn’t the most appealing of prospects.

That’s why the vast majority settle for the soft option by staying put and buying their annuity from their pension provider.

But as you know, when it comes to annuities, ‘staying put’ can prove to be a very expensive mistake – especially at a time when most people can least afford to make mistakes.

The answer
Just Retirement lives and breathes retirement planning; in other words, we have what it takes to maximise the returns from your clients’ pension funds. For people who are in good health, it’s quite possible that we could add the equivalent of £4,000 to their fund. And based on the same size pension pot, clients who are not as healthy as they might be, could have their fund boosted by £10,000, which would increase their annual income by 40%!

No effort and no hassle
All your clients have to do is say ‘yes’ to your suggestion that they shop around and that’s it. There are no medicals to take and the whole process can be completed very quickly.

In a situation when every penny counts, can you imagine just how appreciative your clients will be knowing that you’ve topped up their income – sometimes quite substantially – at no cost whatsoever to them?

Your commission
We'll pay you either x.x% of the annuity’s purchase price, or you can have a minimum level of commission of up to £xxx on each case.

To find out more please call me on XXXX XXXXXX, or fax me on XXXX XXXXXX, or e-mail XXXXXXXXXXXXX@justretirement.com. I look forward to speaking to you.