Fortis Bank
Sales letter

Financial directors who think European, act European and transact European, get their European invoices paid — immediately.

Your business does business in Europe. So do we. And that's why we should talk.

On demand' working capital for your UK business or your Continental Europe operations.

Fortis Commercial Finance exists to provide businesses like yours with working capital.

As a process, it couldn't be simpler: you send us copies of the invoices that you've sent to your customers anywhere in Europe (including the UK) and we pay you up to 90% of those invoices within 24 hours.

The net result?

  • Wherever you do business, you can be sure that you're going to get paid
  • We convert your sales invoice into instant working capital, which can be directed toward, and utilised by, any part of your business

Now the extra mile…

They do things differently over there.

As you know, to succeed in Continental Europe usually requires some degree of modification to your product or service, your pre-conceptions and your approach, or occasionally all three! The same is true when it comes to collecting your receivables – i.e., getting paid! If you're in it for the long term, it's not usually possible or advisable to simply emulate your UK procedures.

The problem is, who can tell you precisely how it should be done? The answer is, we can.

A sensitive and confident and productive touch (or knowing when a nod is as good as a wink)

Unlike UK-centric financial institutions, we understand how businesses - in every country within Continental Europe – like to do business. Our on the spot teams are sensitive to the local way of doing things; they speak the language, they're aware of local trade practices and customs and they accommodate key cultural differences.

Having an ear to the ground and both feet on it in each of twenty European countries allows us to help our clients do business confidently, efficiently and Europe-wide.

There's much more to our service than I've touched on in this letter, so if you are agreeable to the prospect, I would like to arrange a meeting with you to explain how we could play a part in helping you take your business where you want it to go.

With that in mind, my office will be getting in touch with you in the next day or so, or if you prefer, please call me directly on 0000 000 000.