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A moment of forgetfulness? Just too much going on in your life at the time? Or maybe your needs had changed and your plan hadn’t ?

Whatever your reasons were for not renewing your plan with us, the chances are that you’re still visiting the dentist regularly and keeping on top of your dental health.

Maintaining your oral health also means that you’re keeping on top of the costs, so (barring the unforeseen) you can be reasonably sure what your treatment expenses are going to be in any one year. Which of course is where Denplan comes in.

As you know, Denplan makes it possible for you to spread your dental healthcare costs over 12 months. But what you may not have realised, is that Denplan is not a one-size-fits-all arrangement — your monthly payment is determined by a whole range of factors and not just the state of your oral health.

So if you chose not renew your plan with us because of the cost (or any other reason come to that) then I’d like to put this suggestion to you: call us today on 0000 000 000 and put us to the test.

We’re confident that we can design a plan that makes sense financially for you and gives you the additional added value benefits all Denplan patients enjoy…

• No unexpected extras or surprise treatment costs

• You’d be covered for emergency treatment anywhere in the world, entitled to a payment of £60 a night for every night in hospital and you’d have £12,000 of cover for treatment of mouth cancer.

• You’d be entitled to as much as £25,000 interest free credit to cover the costs of crowns, bridges, implants and dentures

It’s important to remember that it costs you nothing more to be a Denplan patient than if you aren’t.

And it will cost you nothing to call us on 0000 000 000 to find out just how affordable your new Denplan plan could be.