Chelsea Building Society
Letter & flyer
Dear Mr Prospect

How you can make life a little easier for your employees – and entirely at our expense.

In these difficult times, many of your employees will be feeling the pinch. Higher food and energy bills coupled with other increased household expenses can make it harder than usual to pay the mortgage or the rent. And that’s where we can offer some help.

It’s likely that a substantial number of your employees already have mortgages and savings plans. So in return for allowing us to promote our name (using posters and leaflets) to your employees in connection with their mortgage and savings arrangements, we will happily offer your people better rates of interest than would normally be the case. If possible, we’d like to do that on an on-going basis so that whenever an individual wants to save money on their monthly mortgage repayments or increase the returns on their savings we’ll be there, on the spot, to help.

Let me add, that this scheme is reserved purely for companies of a minimum size, which fall within my branch catchment area and appear to subscribe to the same values as the Chelsea - I’m pleased to say that XXXXXXX Ltd qualifies on all counts.

Good for your people…

  • As borrowers, or lenders, or both, your employees will enjoy exclusive rates of interest that will not be available to other members of Chelsea
  • Our advisers will come to you – at dates and times of your choosing – to help your employees make those all-important decisions on mortgages and savings options
  • Good for you…
This arrangement will also benefit you as the employer, simply because you’ll be helping your people where it counts - in their pockets! Apart from the goodwill such an arrangement can generate with existing employees, opening the door to favourable mortgage and savings rates can be a powerful incentive when it comes to recruiting staff.

About the Chelsea
As a business that’s very near to my branch, hopefully you’ve heard our name, but you may not know much about us a building society - here are the key stats:

  • Chelsea is the 5th largest building society in the UK, with assets in excess of £13 billion
  • We’re a forward thinking organisation and our products are highly competitive
  • Our 34-strong branch network enables us to provide an on-the-spot personal service
  • 400,000 people save with us and we have 80,000 borrowers
  • The society is a mutual with no shareholders to pay – that status enables us to offer lower rates for borrowers and higher rates for savers

All it would take on your part to implement this scheme, is a short meeting with me and I would take it from there.

I hope you consider my proposition timely and attractive: to explore the possibilities please call me today on XXXX XXX XXXX or e-mail