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Mark Twaine wasn’t too bothered by it and neither should you be.

”The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated” said Mr Twaine after learning that a newspaper in New York had mistakenly and prematurely published his obituary.

So please don’t believe everything you may have read about the mid cap sector – I can assure you that there’s plenty of life in mid caps yet!

FTSE medium v FTSE massive
Investors and investment managers like the FTSE 250 for a whole range of reasons. For a start, the managers of mid caps are inclined to be faster on their feet than their FTSE 100 counterparts. Or put another way, mid caps are usually better able to grasp and exploit opportunities than large caps are. Furthermore, a significant number of mid caps are still deemed as attractive in takeover and merger terms. And as the sector is not over-analysed, an experienced investment manager who knows where to look can still find value.

More to go for…
But one of the prime reasons for the sector’s appeal is that it offers much more variety than the FTSE100. The index of the top 100 is becoming more and more dominated by a handful of massive stocks – some of which are even in exactly the same business – i.e., oil or banking or retail. That’s simply doesn’t happen in the FTSE 250; there’s lots of variety and in our view, no shortage of opportunities.

A winning team
Since XXXX, the Allianz RCM UK Mid Cap fund – managed by Trevor Green and Andrew Neville - has outperformed both the FTSE 250 Index and the sector average∗. It’s a great track record and both Trevor and Andrew are alive and kicking and determined to stay on course.